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The IHG® Foundation works to set the foundations for stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities around the world. We focus on helping communities develop hospitality skills, ensuring support for those impacted by disasters, facilitating local community investment and protecting the environment.

Hospitality skills development
We work with community organisations and education providers to tackle key social challenges and break down the barriers that many individuals face in accessing employment and to help them build their knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry.

Environmental sustainability
We’re mindful of the impacts the hospitality industry has on our environment, so we provide support for organisations developing opportunities to do things differently to preserve scarce resources and help create a more sustainable future for everyone.

International Disaster Relief
We’re ready to help local communities when they need it the most, so when disaster strikes we provide support to help them get back on their feet and to be better prepared for future disasters.

Local community investment
We work with local organisations working hard to develop communities around the world where we can all prosper, creating better places for us all.


We are committed to helping make communities around the world better places to be for all. The IHG Foundation works with a number of organisations to help create stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities across the globe.

The IHG Foundation is collaborating with YCI to transform the lives of survivors of human trafficking through providing them with support, training and mentoring in life skills as well as opportunities to build the knowledge and skills that would empower them to secure employment both within the hospitality industry or other service sectors. This collaboration will help ensure rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking are able to overcome the trauma of their past and to build a brighter future.

The IHG Foundation is supporting the British Red Cross flood recovery programme in Cumbria after the devastating floods in December 2015. Through this programme, more than 2,000 local people in the county will receive the immediate and longer term support they need to recover from this disaster.

The IHG Foundation is collaborating with CARE’s emergency shelter team to enhance its ability to prepare and respond to disasters around the world. This work will enable CARE to help vulnerable people in communities around the world increase their resilience to shocks, manage risks, address causes of vulnerability and ultimately improve their lives.

The IHG Foundation is supporting WWT to enhance the visitor experience at the London Wetland Centre through the construction of a sustainable drainage system (SuDS). This new system comprises a number of wetland features which will harvest rainwater runoff from the surrounding buildings, showcasing innovative ways to manage water resources to the centre's almost 190,000 visitors a year.

The IHG Foundation supports Goodwill Industries International as it helps people reach their full potential by overcoming the barriers they face in accessing employment due to a lack of industry-relevant skills and experience. Through this collaboration, IHG Foundation is working to enhance the positive local economic impact of the hospitality industry on communities across North America. Support from the IHG Foundation will enable Goodwill® to develop, maintain and enhance the hospitality section of its online career services and mentoring platform, GoodProspects®. This investment will enable Goodwill to significantly enhance career explorers’ knowledge of career paths and training that can help prepare them for employment in the hospitality field.


IHG Foundation adopts a targeted approach to grant funding focused on supporting a small number of beneficiaries. As a result, IHG Foundation does not accept speculative requests for funding.

Trustees of the IHG Foundation

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Email: enquiry@ihgfoundation.com

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